Returning to Gunpla

Yesterday, while cleaning my closet, I encountered my Gundam model kits(Gunpla for short). A few months back, I retired my model kits because I wanted to use the shelf space for my figures. When I was looking at them, I remembered the good times I had building them. For some strange reason, my passion for model building came back with a vengeance. I noticed that the top of my dresser was the perfect place to proudly display them once again.

I'm pretty much using the same CD case method that I used for my figure to display my Gunpla.

The rest of my Gunpla are chilling with Horo on my bookcase.

This is my Gundam shrine. All I need is a couple of lit candles and burning incense.

At the moment, I'm shopping around for a model kit to build. I'm currently looking at 1/144 scale HGUC Nu Gundam and 1/144 scale HGUC Kampfer, but I want to get them at a good price. So, do any of you build model kits of any type or do you find it difficult?

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