"Small" Order 2

This is the second part to my "small" order post. I pretty much bought some nice things a while back and now they are arriving. You are also seeing the things I bought in between orders.

What came in that HLJ box was Banpresto Nagi from Kannagi and Banpresto Satoko Hojo from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. I got each for around $15 USD, not a bad deal.

On the next day, I got Megami magazine volume 112. I have not bought a Megami magazine in months. This issue had a lot of nice extras other than the posters like a Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha drama CD and trading card.

I visited Best Buy because I wanted a break from anime for a couple of days and I know that any video game would distract me. I picked up Mario Party 8 and a second Wii remote. I bought an off-brand Wii remote because it works just as well as Nintendo brand Wii remote and it was ten dollars cheaper.

I'm still waiting for some stuff that I bought. Maybe I should not pick the cheapest shipping rate due to it takes longer to arrive. I'm going to do some figure photo shoots later this week.

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