Warrior Miko Tomoe Photo Shoot

Tomoe, the Warrior Shinto priestess from the Queen's Blade series is lovely and her figure is just as lovely as well. I have always wanted her from the first time I ever saw her at Dannychoo.com over 2 years ago. Now that I have her, I just can't stop look at her. For a figure that came out back in 2007, the quality of this figure is fantastic and I did not see any visible seam lines(then again, I was not wearing my glasses at the time). Let me quit with all this chit-chat and give you the photo shot. Warning: this post is not safe for work, I forgot to censor her naughty bits.

From this point on, this post will have nudity. Have fun.


Tig ol' bitties

My favorite shot

Overall, this is my favorite figure in my collection so far. However there is one thing that is disappointing about this figure. For some strange reason there was an oily residue on the figure and it left a little stain on her. If you use a little bit of rubbing alcohol or paint thinner, she should be okay. This figure is really hard to find nowadays. If you are looking for this figure, BlueDrakon from 2 old 4 anime? is selling her for a really low price.

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