Controller Abuse

I have something to confess, I have been abusing video game controllers for many years. When I was younger, I used to destroy my controllers out of frustration but as I got older I learned to stop breaking them. However, the abuse continued. Since I'm a big fan of fighting games, I tend to over use my controllers pulling off combos and stuff.

This would have to be the sixth PS2 controller I have broken because I wear them out. The damage to this is:
D-pad is not responsive at times
The right analog stick broke
The cable is worn out
The L1 and L2 buttons get jammed
The circle button would fall out

Since I needed a new controller, I bought a wireless controller. The main reason is that I don't like sitting too close to the TV. I sometimes get dizzy and my eyes start to hurt. The controller is pretty nice and it feels great in my hands.

I really should invest in a durable fighting Arcade stick. I used to have the Soul Calibur 2 Arcade stick but it did not last long(they tend to be crappy). So, do your video game controllers last long or am I just insane?

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