First Thoughts: Queen's Blade: Heir to the Throne

The new fall anime season has started.The first anime to come out is Queen's Blade: Heir to the Throne, the sequel to Queen's Blade: Wandering Warrior. A lot of people, including myself, did not like season 1. Season 1 we pretty much see the character development of Reina and they introduce a new character every episode. It would have been ok if it was a 24 to 52 episode series, but it was only 12 episodes. Lets see how the first episode of season 2 turned out.

This post is NSFW, you have been warned.

We are introduced to Nyx, who was briefly shown in season 1. I don't know much about her but she seems very shy, how cute.

Seconds after seeing her, she is molested by her own weapon. Well, it ain't Queen's Blade if someone doesn't get tentacle raped.

Melona gets the idea of assassinating Queen Aldra.............................

but fails and gets trapped in a crystal.

Other than seeing the character from season 1 settling into the city of Gainos and the speculations of Queen Aldra being evil, nothing happens. I personally feel that Queen's Blade should have been a 24 episode series instead of dividing it into two seasons. I'm hoping that the story actually gets up and running.

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