Franken Fran Review

What if Frankenstein's monster was a cute teenage girl but with the surgical abilities of Dr. Black Jack? Well, you get Franken Fran. Franken Fran is a comedy horror manga by Katsuhisa Kigitsu. When I started reading this manga, I thought it was going to be silly in a way. However, it got me by surprise because of the tons of blood and gore.

Fran's way of thinking is interesting. If the brain works, then she can do the surgery. There are multiple times that she brings people back to life whose bodies are in no way shape or form usable, but she will find a way. Even though she does grotesque surgeries, human experiments, cloning, and other questionable acts that no doctor should ever do, she is quite a nice girl.

The comedy itself is pretty funny. Most of the funny dialog happens between Fran and her friend, Okita(he has the head of a man but the body of a cat). I find it hilarious when Okita makes fun of Fran and in the end, she makes him look stupid.

The main reason why I like this manga is that it makes the reader question his/he own morals and values. Some of the surgeries that Fran does makes one wonder what goes through her mind. Are her actions nothing but a sick and twisted game or is she naive? So, I strongly recommend this manga to those who like this sort of stuff.

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