Nanael Photo Shoot

A few days ago I got a package from Hobby Search, but at the time I was very busy doing an important project. After I was done I passed out due to exhaustion and I was sleeping for an entire day. When I was getting ready for my classes I saw the box in my closet. I had completely forgotten about. I opened it up and it was Revoltech Nanael.

This post is NSFW because of the boobies and stuff.

The wing is nicely sculpted.

Lets get it over with. The milk on her face and tummy make her look like if she was in a cheap porn film. The proof is below.

In my opinion, it would have been better not having that milk.

Again, it looks like she's in a porn film. Poor thing, she got some in her eye.

Airi goes on the offense.

However, Nanael managed to counter-attack.

Nanael wants to finish this quickly.

She's using her powers to control her sword.


Airi is not holding back any longer.

This is my favorite picture.

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