Nendoroid Melissa

I remember seeing Nendoroid Melissa about a year ago and from the moment I laid my eyes on her, I wanted her. I search high and low for her but she was either sold out or being sold at a very high price. One day during the last Toylet figure sale, I found I figure that I wanted but she was already sold out. I decided to browse around the site for a while and I finally found Nendoroid Melissa in stock. I bought her without thinking twice.

For those who don't know, Melissa originates from the hentai visual novel game, Wagamama Capriccio. she is the princess of Devil Country.

The paint job of this figure is well done. The are small errors but its not that noticeable unless you look for them.

"How dare you take off my pumpkin and expose me in such manner"

"Well, since you were brave enough to do that, I will let you live."

The accessories are only arms and different faces, which is standard for this line of figure but it would have been nice if it brought something extra. There is WonFes version of this figure that does bring a bigger crown and cape but would cost you a pretty penny.

"Check out my guns"

I do recommend this figure due to the cuteness factor but she is hard to find nowadays.

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