New Cellphone!

For a long time, I have been needing a new cellphone because the one I had was not working properly. For those who don't know, I used to work at a cellphone store and I learned that cellphones are designed to only last 2 years. The reason behind that is to get the customer to upgrade their phone which gets them stuck in a 2 year contract. If you try to leave your cellphone provider before the 2 years are up, you must pay $200 dollars per line. That is one reason why I was reluctant to get a new phone but I needed it. I bit the bullet and signed a 2 year contract to get a new free phone.

I got the Motorola MOTOACTV canary yellow version.
What it has and does:
1.3 MP camera
Built in MP3 player
Takes micro SD cards
Makes phone calls

It looks pretty cool to me and I'm happy with it.

You can go wrong with the Gurren Lagann logo as the wallpaper.

I still have not picked my ringtone and thats where you come up. Just tell me which on the 4 possible ringtones below I should use.

1)Burn my dread
2)Pursuing my true self
4)Transformers theme song

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