On September 1 2009, A.D. Vision (better known as ADV) has announced that they will cease production and distribution of their products as of June 1, 2009. This breaking news has been a shock to the American anime industry. I personally was expecting FUNimation to buy them out in a few years but I was expecting them to disappear like this.

This is all of the ADV merchandise I have bought over the years. I should have bought more.

I feel that ADV was great company that did bring over such anime hits like Azumanga Daioh and Neon Genesis Evangelion but they did too many mistakes that lead to their downfall. First of all, they flooded the market with a lot of anime titles that kind of suck and did sell very well. Back in the early 2000s, ADV was the juggernaut in the anime industry. They would license any anime just because they can. Not until recently, they notice their mistakes and sold most of their properties to companies such as FUNimation.

ADV also made the mistake of depended too much on their cash cow, Neon Genesis Evangelion. I will say it, Evangelion is one of my most favorite anime series of all time, but I'm smart enough to realized it is not everyone's favorite anime. The thing is that ADV re-released Evangelion over 5 times. I mean, they ever had 2 re-releases of the series in the span of 1 year(if you are wondering, it was the special tin edition and the Christmas edition).

The one mistake that I personally believe was the final nail in the coffin was when ADV acquired most of the anime licenses from Central Park Media(which no longer around). It was a good idea to do that because they managed to get Grave of the Fireflies which is the only Studio Ghibli film that its distribution rights was not controlled by Disney. However, it was not the right time because we are in a recession.

The interesting thing is that because of their downfall, several new anime companies have appeared. Most of ADV's titles have gone to AEsir Holdings and the Anime Network(which is owned by ADV) has gone to LLC. Maybe, in the future we may even see the revival of the famous anime magazine, NewType USA. So, what are your thoughts in this matter?

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