When I Was Sick Loot

Hi everyone, I'm back. I'm feeling better but still congested at the moment. During the time I was really sick, I got some packages in the mail. I was too tired to open them at the time. After I started feeling better, I had enough strength to open these goodies.

The reason why I have one box in the picture is that I ripped opened the other ones before realizing that I could do a post on this.

Bought a few movies that I have been wanting to own for ages. I got The End of Evagelion, Interstella 5555, and Lupin the third: The Castle of Cagliostro.

I also got two new figures, Nendoroid Melissa and Banpresto's Rangiku Matsumoto.

I will have some new figure photo shoots and several interesting manga reviews in the coming days.

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