Black Jack: The Two Doctors of Darkness

Well, "Black Jack: The Two Doctors of Darkness" is a pretty fun movie. Though, it has a slow feel to it. The story/plot is simple and easy to follow. Though, as good as it is, because of the slow feeling to it, I find it to be a good movie to fall asleep to. But, that doesn't take away the fact that it is a good movie.

What really makes the movie good are the main characters.

Black Jack, the star of the movie (one of the doctors of darkness), is an unlicensed doctor who is capable of doing almost any type of surgery. He always asks for outrageous amounts of money for his work. Despite that, he has a lot of compassion and I feel that the money really doesn't matter to him. Also, he is one of Otaku Dan's favorite character.

Kiriko, the other doctor of darkness, is an interesting type of doctor. How he saves his patients, is by killing them upon request. Those who are suffering and have no way of surviving any longer, go to him and ask that he kills them. He kills them in a humane way. With a special device he kills them in a way where the patient will feel no pain. Instead, it's like falling into a peaceful slumber of eternal rest. He is my favorite character in the movie.

(Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any good pictures of him to post.)

Pinoko is a mystery unless you've watched the previous shows of Black Jack. Dan had to explain to me why she is forever in a little girls body. She is actually 18 years old, and she says she is Black Jack's wife. She's adorable and a fun character.

Rock comes off to be a naive person and very annoying in the beginning of the movie. as the story progresses, his attitude that I found to be stupidity makes sense. In the end, we figure out that is indeed naive. Though, as naive as he is, he's also a very honest person.

(I can't find a good picture of Rock, either.)

Mr. Goodman is a shady character. On one hand, he seems to be a good guy, while on the other, I wasn't so sure as I watched the movie. In the end the truth of who he is and what side he is really on is revealed.

(I can't find a good picture of him, either.)

(Photoshop is being mean to me today and the internet isn't cooperating with me either.)

There is one character, Hyojisai, who is only shown for about 10minutes of the movie; however, the wisdom he leaves with Black Jack follows through to the end of the movie. He kind of looks like the monkey.

Also, there are few other supporting characters, but they are mostly there for comedy relief and not too important to the story.

The story basically revolves around Black Jack coming to terms with death being a part of life and a mystery about a certain disease found on a secret island. Black Jack is brought to the secret island by some supporting shady characters to save three people who were infected with a new type of anthrax called "Satan". There are a lot of twists and turns in this story of where the anthrax came from, how only three people became infected by it, and who Mr. Goodman really is. Kiriko helps Black Jack figure these things out and even pass on his own wisdom about life and death to Black Jack. Black Jack is stubborn about saving people and has a hard time accepting the fact that death is inevitable. In the end, Black Jack finally understands it, but he will continue to save people from death anyway. It is what he feels he must do.

As wonderful as the story and plot is, I still find it a bit boring due to how slow the movie feels it is.

I like the music. It's very suave and smooth. It suits Black Jack's personality. The artistry is pretty simplistic looking, but it suits the characters personalities and is enjoyable.

Overall, I rate this movie a 4!



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