Dusting My Collection

I have already done posts on my cleaning and dusting my figures. The interesting thing is that I have really not touched upon dusting the rest of my collecting which includes my anime DVDs, manga, and video games. I dust my entire collection 2 twice a month but I have not been able to do that for about 3 months due to being extremely busy. Yesterday, I only dusted my manga and DVD but not the video games because it is a long process.

For once, I'm glad that my collection is no really big.

What I use to dust is a average sized duster for the big stuff and an old tooth brush for the smaller stuff. The bandana is to cover my nose and mouth(I have allergies).

I first take down everything from my bookcase and DVD rack. I do that because I like to vacuum behind and under those things. Then I get a moist paper towel to wipe off the dust.

What the f*ck is that sh*t? I hate dust with a passion and the worst thing, that is from only one shelf on my bookcase.

Nice and clean.

It takes me about 4 to 5 hours to dust my collection. I like to individually remove the dust from my DVDs and manga. The only problem with that, I get distracted and start reading something. So, do you dust your collections or you just don't care?

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