First Thought: Natsu no Arashi! Akinai Chu

I never watched Natsu no Arashi! when it was airing back in the spring season. When I was this anime was getting a sequel, I decided to watch it. It was fun and it was quite enjoyable. Now that season 2 is out, lets take a look at it.

Arashi welcomes you to this post.

Hajime and Sayaka decide that everyone will go to the beach. This is a well over due episode because in one episode, Arashi goes to the beach but she is wearing a traditional kimono and in another, the characters were wearing swimsuits but is was more of a joke episode.

Stop reading this post for a minute and just take a good look at Arashi. Are you done? good, lets continue reading the post.

The running jokes are back. The guy asking for salt but never gets it and.....

The idea of taking something that is "expired" to past so it can be fresh again.

Oh yeah, this episode is focusing on Jun and her secret.

During the break of the first season, Kanako learned a new trick.

To become hot in the matter of seconds.

You see, it works well at attracting men.

Kaja and Jun go off to a secluded area of the beach to enjoy the water. If you can spot the error in the picture below, you get a free cookie.

Some how Kaja ended up in the sea and Jun saves her but in the process gets her white shirt wet.

Oh noes, Arashi has discovered Jun's little secret.

Soooooooooooooooooooooo cute

Arashi has a heart felt conversation with Jun about how Jun should try to understand Hajime and that she should tell Hajime that she's a girl and not a boy.

This looks like a very romantic scene.

way to kill the mood, Hajime.

I like that this anime feel like it is not a second season but the anime just took a break. There is nothing much to say for the first episode other than is was funny. So, are you watching Natsu no Arashi! Akinai Chu?

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