FTC Catches Up With Bloggers

It has been announced that the Federal Trade Commission(FTC for short) will start cracking down on bloggers who do paid reviews of product. This means if you don't disclose that a company sent you a free product to keep and do a review on it, you could be fined up to $11,000 per post. I think this is the point in the post where bloggers that live outside of the United States start laughing and say, "sucks to be you".

There is a guideline that the FTC has that if a person is endorsing a product, they must disclose that they are being paid for that said endorsement. Before that change even happened, blogs were never affected by that guideline. I feel this is good in way because there are some reviewers who are being paid behind closed doors and are given free stuff just so they can give a good review to products that suck. This revision to the guideline governing endorsements will uphold what little ethical standards blogging still has. The readers will learn about the relationships between advertisers and bloggers.

There is a small issue, what happens to those who use Twitter as their method of "blogging"? For example, if a company sends me a product for free to keep and I mention it on Twitter, am I going to be affected by that guideline as well? I hope that when this is all done, it will be more clarified. So, what are your thoughts on this matter?

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