The Great Happiness Space

I remember a long time ago, I heard in one of the episodes of Otaku Generation a review of a documentary. It was until now that I remembered the title of the film, The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief. This documentary shows what really happens in Host clubs. Come on in to see the truth.

This documentary follows one of the most popular host, Issei. He happens to be the owner of his very own host club, Stylish Cafe Rakkyo.

The hosts job is simple: entertain the customer. Imagine your job is to drink alcohol and to have fun with women. It must sound like a dream job but it's not.

Many women go to host clubs to live out fantasies but some become disillusioned.

Most of these women are addicted to the attention they get from host clubs but they try to mask it by saying that they love these men. The young woman in the picture below broke up with her boyfriend just because she wants to seek a man who will never love her.

These women spend large amounts of money at these host clubs and the only way they can support their addiction is by prostitution. Their mentality is sad; they think it's ok because they are doing it for their "man".

During the whole documentary, I did not like Issei because he is exploiting these women. However, as the film went on, I started to noticed that these men are also suffering. These hosts are psychologically dead inside. They forget who they really are and they do not feel real human emotions. For a man like Issei who has been a host for 4 years(at the time the movie was filmed) straight, that kind of lifestyle takes a big toll on the mind and body. To be honest, I don't see him making it to the age of 40.

I was going to give this film a rating, but it's difficult due to the raw reality it has. So, what are your opinions on this documentary?

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