Origins of HoiHoi-San

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of bloggers showing off their cute HoiHoi-San model kits. I'm interested in the model kit and I'm planning to buy one in the future. However, that goes against my personal policy of not buying figure and/or model kits that I don't know where the character originates from. After some intense research(2 minutes on Wikipedia), I learned that HoiHoi-San comes from a one volume manga with over 60 chapters(don't worry, the chapters are about 1 to 2 pages long).

The plot of HoiHoi-San is that in the year 20XX all of the insects in Earth have become immune to poison. In order to combat these evolved insects, small extermination androids were created. The HoiHoi-San androids are insect killing machines. They use miniature guns, swords, laser beams, and mech suits to get the job done.

The story follows Aburatsubo-Kun, a lonely otaku who his only companion is his HoiHoi-San, and Kimiko Dewa, a young woman who works at a pharmacy and has a phobia of HoiHoi-Sans. Most of the comedy comes from the interaction of Aburatsubo-Kun and Kimiko with the HoiHoi-San. Around the end of the manga it tries to have some romance, but it fails in the end.

There is also a HoiHoi-San video game for the PlayStation 2. It's a third person shooter with mission to kill insects. At the end of the mission, you get money to buy new weapons and outfits for your HoiHoi-San. After learning so much on HoiHoi-San, I really want to get a model kit. However, I'm going to wait and see if any other designs come out. I really want to see PEST-X-San being released. So, are you going to get a HoiHoi-San in the future and what do you think of them?

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