Otaku Redecoration 2

Since I'm still redecorating, I decided to share with my great readers on how I spent my Sunday. I was still in a painting mood and I have not painted my room in over 3 years. The paint in my room started to look like crap. There were scratches, stained, and old paint was peeling off(its mostly my fault, I tried to clean the wall but it got worst). So, lets check out my crappy painting skills.

This is the main reason why I'm painting. When I torn down the shelves, the wall got busted and I fixed it up with plaster. This is the end product of said plaster.

I picked this nice green paint that would complement the white closet door.

2 hours later. I decided to only paint this wall green as an accent wall. Everything else was painted white.

When I was setting up my surround sound speakers, I notice that the wires were more noticeable.

So, I used some white masking tape to cover the wires and then painted over them.

I am getting the final piece that will complete my redecoration in a few days. I will unveil the new set up in an otaku room post. I know that I only do that type of post once a year to show how much my collection has grown but I'm willing to break that little rule.

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