Otaku Redecoration

Well, for the last couple of days I been redecorating my room. The reason why is that I like change and I also get bored with the way my room looks after a long time, that is why I like to rearrange my furniture a lot. For the first time in over a year and 6 months, I'm doing a major redecoration. My shelves are going to be the first ones to feel the change.

My figures are chilling on my bookcase for the time being.
I bought a shelving unit back in march of 08 from Ikea(they don't sell it anymore). After 5 months of having them, I got rid of the frame but kept the shelves which I mounted on some nice brackets. When I started displaying my figures on it, I had some trouble with the height due to some tall figures. Now that I'm redecorating, I'm using the shelves in their original form but this time, I painted them.

The funny thing is that I first used a wood stainer to give it a "natural" wood look. However, I screw up really bad and bought 2 cans of glossy spray paint to fix it. It actually came out looking better than I expected.

The one thing I don't like about redecorating, is that my room looks like crap at the moment. hopefully when I'm done, everything comes out nice.

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