Returning to Gunpla 2

It was about two months ago. I made a post on how I wanted to start building Gundam model kits(Gunpla for short) again. I started displaying my old kits and I dusted them for motivation. But due to college(to be more specific my C++ class), I don't have that much free time like I used to have. Then I noticed something. Gunpla is very helpful to me.

I was asking myself, why do I feel stressed when it comes to school work? That got me thinking and I realized that Gunpla is a great stress reliever for me. Back when I was building them, I would focus that negative energy to make something awesome. I know that I have to cut time from other parts in my hobby to build a model kit and I'm willing to do it. (I'm sorry Persona 4 and sleeping.)

I decided to get 1/144 HGUC Kampfer. It is so sexy for a model kit.

At the moment, I have a tight budget because I'm saving my money to redecorate my room. I'm going to have to dip my fingers into the redecorating jar because I really need to get rid of that stress. So, how do you get rid of stress?

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