Speaker Shopping

Since the day I got my new computer I have been meaning to get some speakers for it. The thing is that most laptops have a poor to mediocre sound quality. Another reason why I need some speakers is that I get this crackling sound from my laptop. I decided to go to Wal-mart due to it being close to my house.

Sorry for the poor picture quality, but I was using my cellphone's camera.

These speakers look nice and they are pretty small.

But the price is too high for something that small. The funny thing is that those same speakers are being sold at half the price.

I'm in the line waiting to pay for some speakers that I found. This is interesting, even though it is the middle of October, Christmas trees and decorations are being sold. I bet that by next year, stores are going to start setting up for Christmas in July.

I ended up buying these speakers for $14.99. I could have paid $10 dollars extra to get the sub-woofer but I really don't need one at the moment.

My setup is almost complete, all I need is a 500 GB external hard drive and a second monitor.

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