Burned Out

It has finally happened, I have burned myself out with anime and blogging. I believe that some people have been suspecting that I burned out on blogging because I have been making posts every two days. I'm not even visiting or commenting other blogs like I use to and I feel bad about that. I was not even checking out my blog's email I personally feel that I have alienated the otaku/anime blogging community and deeply apologies for that.

I burned out on anime about 3 weeks ago. I was watching To Aru Majutsu no Index and I was enjoying it a lot but then I just stopped watching anime all together. The last time I was burned out with anime was back in 2006. I did not watch or talked about anime for a good 9 months. The anime that ignited that dim flame with in me was Genshiken. For me to have my interest revamped, I need to watch an anime that I have never seen before and it has to have a good feeling to it. I hope that Summer Wars is the cure.

For blogging, I need to do something different. I want to report on anime news but ANN covers that already. So, what I'm going to do is that I will express my thoughts on the matter in a intelligent way. I also would like to interview well known celebrities in the fandom and people from the industry but for that, I need to clean up my blog so it can be taken more serious. I'm hoping that these changes will get me out of my rut. So, how to you get out of your burn out period, do you wait it out or do you do something about it?

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