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I have been looking back on my blogging past lately. With over 580 blog post in the span of almost 2 years, there have been some posts that actually never got to see the light of day. This is something I have never revealed, I plan most of my post ahead of time because it gives me time to think. I'm going to show you some of these posts that almost came to be and why they were pulled.

Samurai Legend
This was an interest one, I tried to make this review over 3 times but there was not much to say about. Its a historical fiction manga about the legendary samurai Jubei. Since it is only one volume long, it is hard not to give away the ending when writing about.

My Top 10 Favorite Anime Of All Time
It was hard to make this post because I have seen a lot of anime in the span of 15 year as a fan. After 2 weeks, I narrowed the list down to 50. I was about to hit the published post button and I deleted it. It felt pretentious and I don't like making myself look like that.

April Fools Day
It was a joke post poking fun at anime blogs. I was going to making fun of myself and other bloggers but it looked too real. It would have caused some unneeded drama in the community. It was replaced by this post.

Revival of Team Blue
Team Blue was a club of bloggers that was started by Panther. After Panther left do to personal reasons, TB was in disarray and it eventually disappeared. I was planning to bring back TB with the help of Blowfish but in the end, it was better not to bring it back. It would have not been right to do because it would have been an imitation of something that was good.

Dragon Ball Evolution
The title says enough.

Older Anime
This post was good. It was a post about how older anime(anything before Neon Genesis Evangelion) is still good after so many years. However, it evolved in to an angry rant on how the newer generation of fans(the ones that have been watching anime for less than 3 year) that think that if an anime is old or looks old, then it sucks.

Giving up on Twitter
I pretty much gave up on twitter and why I lost interest in it. However, I downloaded TweetDeck and the rest is history.

So, those are just a few of them, the rest are pretty much personal stuff that should not be written about. If you want to, you can use some of those ideas for your own blog, I don't mind.

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