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Recently, I was asked to become a guest writer for Wide Island View. I gladly said yes. The Wide Island View, is the JET programme webzine for the Hiroshima prefecture. This is a great example of guest blogging. Guest blogging is pretty much becoming a guest writer for a blog that is not yours(pretty self explanatory).

There are two ways to become a guest blogger, you are invited or you can ask. The most common way of becoming is getting invited because the person likes your style of writing and/or they just like you in general. You can also ask, it does not hurt to ask but be prepared for any answer.

There are benefits to guest blogging like:
Increase Exposure.
Increase traffic to your blog.
High chance of getting new frequent readers.
Good chance of being asked to be a guest writer on another blog.

Just in case you have any questions, yes I will be writing for Wide Island View, I'm not looking for guest writers at the moment but I will do it in the future, and I don't have a pet ferret.

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