Saving and Shopping

We all know that being an anime fan is an expensive hobby with new DVDs, manga, and figures coming out. I wanted to try a little experiment to see how much I would save if I did not buy anything for 2 months. I saved a lot of money, enough to get a DSLR camera. With the money I saved, I deposit most of it into a savings account and with the rest, I did a little shopping.

Five minutes later

I also bought Evangelion: 1.01. Originally I was going to buy Bleach season 4 boxset but when I saw Evangelion, I had to buy it. I am going to get Bleach season 4 boxset but I'll wait until season 5 boxset comes out to get them at the same time. I also bought a 4-port Octopus USB hub and a figure. I will reveal the new figure when I do a photo shoot of it. Now lets all quietly stare at Evangelion 1.01.

Just look at its majestic glory

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