WOW, let me just start out that, this post is not safe for work. Now that I pointed that out, lets start the review. The other day, while scanning through Yen press manga library, I randomly picked the next manga series I was going to read. Sundome was the winner.

The story is about a 15 year-old high school student Hideo Aiba. He's part the Roman club, which happens to be a paranormal club with a twist, the members vowed to stay virgins until they are out of high school. One day, a mysterious girl transfer to his school and to his luck, he sits next to her in class. Hideo tries to get out of the Roman club to have a chance with this girl but he is forced to become the clubs new president. It sounds bad doesn't it, but the new girl, Kurumi Sahana decides to join the club. This is where the stereotypical high school comedy end.

When Hideo is alone with Kurumi, she asks him to masturbate in front of her with a nail inside his penis(this was one of the most painful thing I had to write in my life). He does it, she laughs and tell him that he will never have sex with her. Their relationship starts out as a master(Kurumi) and slave(Hideo). However, it evolves into a mutual relationship.

This manga has a lot of sexual scenes that either involve Hidoe being teased or Kurumi being pleased. Now the things they do to each other at times, will shock you at times and it will make you wonder what is going on in their minds. The interesting thing that keeps me coming back to this manga is trying to figure out Kurumi's past. Kurumi does not share her past with anyone and seeing Hidoe finding out, makes you understand why she acts that way.

I would like to give this manga a score but I can't, the series is not over yet in Japan. There are some rumors that it will end in November but I don't trust rumors. There is two types of people who I would recommend this manga to are perverts and people who are into figuring a characters psychology.

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