Winter 09 Anime Season

The first version of the Winter 2009 anime season was released. A lot anime fans, considered the Fall 2009 season to be one of the weakest Fall season in years. Many have been looking forward to the upcoming Winter season to redeem this current one, lets see how this one is going to turn out.

What going to watch:

What I may watch depending on the reviews:
Hidden God
Dance in the Vampire Bund

So far, the upcoming winter season does not look good. Right now, I'm at a point that moe and fan service anime are not cutting it. Hanamaru Kindergarten is for lolicons who thought that the girls from Kodomo no Jikan were too old. I did have some high hopes for Qwaser of Stigmata because it looks cool, until I read the description. Since, this is the first version of the list, more series to be announced. Let us all hope that Winter 2009 anime season does not suck. So, what are you going to watch?

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