Battle Club Review

I can't believe I'm doing this. This manga series is the embarrassment of my collection. Battle Club was written and drawn by Yuji Shiozaki, the mind behind Ikki Tousen(also known as Battle Vixens). I remember reading the first couple of chapter at a bookstore and I liked. When I attended Metrocon, I bought the entire series for $5 a volume. When I finished reading it, I felt ripped off.

The story is about the high school freshmen, Mokichi Saitou who failed at making his badass debut and was totally humiliated. He later decides to join the school's Wrestling team to be come stronger. At this point I'm liking the story because it's about seeing the underdog growing stronger and the reader feeling for him. The main focus on Mokichi ends by chapter 6 of the first volume. The new main character is Tamako Kaneda, a fellow member of the wrestling team who is ditz and has a natural talent for wrestling. I was scratching my head wondering why the focus was changed. Then I saw the reason why it happened, well two big, round, and bouncing reasons.

The one thing I don't like about this manga, since was short, the ending was rushed. There was this great premise that Mokichi and Tamako joined an underground fight club. so much could have been done like for example seeing both characters move up the ranking in the organization. However, what we get is that the leader of the organization puts a hit on the members of the wrestling club. Then it's over. The sad thing about this, since the manga was short, so Shiozaki created six more chapter just to fill up rest of the final volume.

It had some much potential but it became a pile of crap in the end. You must be wondering why I did not say a thing about the fan service. I was already expecting it since it was created by Shiozaki. The only reason would ever recommend this title is for the boobs but any other series with fan service does it better. Don't waste your money on this manga.

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