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Logic is but a state of mind…

Maria Holic is interesting and demands attention. When I was talking to Otaku Dan about this anime when I first started watching it he told me, “Take your logic, roll it up, and throw it out the window while watching this anime.” As wonderful as most anime are with their fun illogical moments, they usually have enough logic in them to make even the illogical things seem logical enough to accept; this one lacks that. Though, despite all the illogical-ness of this anime, there are interesting things to take in. Such as it’s a yuri comedy, it has quite a few religious ironies, and the music in the opening and ending of the series.

Sadly, this anime is too illogical for me to fully enjoy. Allow me to elaborate. Why does the dorm mistress call herself God? Why does she have cat ears that move as if they are real? Are they real? Is Yonakuni-kun really a dog or a plush dog come to life? Now, those do sound like fun illogical things to ponder on, but throughout the whole series it just doesn’t work because there are too many illogical things in it. What is that tentacle monster looking pet that lives in Kanako’s bag? Why is Mariya so sadistic that he makes Kanako almost as his slave? Granted, I do enjoy those moments. I find he’s the most amusing, confusing character than the rest. Then again he’s male and is acting like an innocent young girl in an all girl Catholic school. Also, why does Matsurika dress up as Mariya’s maid when she’s also a student to the Catholic school, Ami no Kiseki? One more thing to ponder on that makes absolutely no sense: Is Mariya’s secret room in another dimension?

I understand those may sound like fun illogical moments, and they are. The only problem is that the entire series is like that. No one really finds out any truths to anything in this anime. Aven to the end of it nothing gets any answers! Oh yeah, why is Kanako so terribly frightened of males that when she’s touched by one she breaks out in hives?! Why?! What happened in her past to make that happen?! I’m getting worked up. I apologize.

Secondly, this is a yuri comedy. This anime series reminds me why I prefer heterosexual anime and yaoi anime. It’s only wonderful for me to see the males be so blatantly perverted and flirtatious than it is to see a buxom girl go crazy and have massive nosebleeds at every perverted thought at least three to five times in every single episode. It’s ridiculous. Those nose bleeding moments are overused and the wonderful joke becomes old. I’m sure there are many who would appreciate this more than I, but I lose appreciation for things when it happens more times than I repeat myself for clarification about my life in my head.

There is one interesting religious irony I noticed. The dorm mistress calls herself God. There is one episode that shows how materialistic she can be. So put two and two together: She calls herself God + accepting bribes of materialistic things = God loves money. See the irony?

Something else that caught my attention was that the Priest who is introduced in the series just two episodes before it ends seems to have a crush on Mariya, the sadistic transvestite who walks around with Matsurika. Then he notices Matsurika and thinks maybe he should try to get with her. So, a male Priest is interested in young high school girls at an all girl Catholic school. It doesn’t help that Mariya makes things worse by convincing the gullible Priest that he should help Kanako with her fake brother’s death by “Tchaikovsky Syndrome in B Minor”. So as the Priest tries to help Kanako, it causes Kanako to constantly break out in hives and the Priest still doesn’t understand.

Now about the opening and ending themes, the opening theme song and scene are so awesome. What’s interesting to note is that even though Mariya is dressed up as a girl, he moves to this song like a male rocker. It also shows him as the sadistic guy he really is. It shows him being in control of Kanako and even the lyrics sing about her being controlled by him. He seems to also have a blast doing it. They also mixed in 3D effects perfectly with the natural artistry. The ending is the exact opposite. It’s cutesy, girly, and sweet. The song is calming unlike the music of the opening that is all “rocker like” and a faster beat to bang one’s head to. I danced to the opening theme song. The ending theme is a little bland. The scene is like an older version of the Mario games, but with more girly colors and confusion.

The characters are actually quite forgettable and nothing really makes sense at all. It’s too illogical to fully enjoy. The irony does give it some brownie points, but not enough to redeem the too illogical-ness of the series. It’s not an enjoyable yuri. It’s too annoying with repetitive jokes that are no longer funny. The ending is a big let down considering nothing gets explained. It really has no plot other than to just be there to be there. As great as the opening and ending themes are, and as enjoyable Mariya makes this anime, the series is still too horrible.

I rate it as a 3.


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