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Well, I finally got myself a HoiHoi-San model kit. After reading the manga and her cuteness made me get her. She happens to be the first model kit I have bought and build in over a year. I was going to get Master Grade Exia Gundam but HoiHoi-San was much cheaper.

My setup is ready, lets start.

5 hours later, looks good so far. If you think this model kit is difficult, it's not. I like to clean and sand way every since part with great detail. If it was about speed, I would have been done in 30 minutes.

I have never told this to anyone before but the one thing I hate about building model kit is the mess. When I cut a part out of the runner, the nubs fly all over the place.

This kit is very easy for those who have never build a model kit before. The only painting that is required are the weapons and the USB cover. This kit does bring eye lash and eye brow decals but you don't need to use them. That is only for those who repaint the entire kit.

I had a little accident. However, a little bit of super glue fixed it up.

With this kit, I had to do some modding. This is the part that holds the eye shells under the face. It is very stiff and some force is needed to pull the eye shells.

I cut off the bottom nubs and sanded away about 1/4 of the top nub. Now, I can remove the shell with ease.

10 and half hours later and she is complete. She is such a cutey............

Now start cleaning
I want to get rid of the glossiness on her face and limbs but I don't have topcoat at the moment.I will be doing a photo shoot of her later on this week.

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