T'was The Night Before an Otaku's Christmas

Well, Otaku Dan and I decided to do a twist on "T'was The Night Before Christmas" to match the wonderful world of anime. So here's what we came up with. Hope you enjoy it! Happy Holidays!!

T’was the night before Christmas in an Otaku’s house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
His figures were clean and positioned with care,
All in hopes that more would appear.

He was all comfy and snug in his futon bed,
With visions of hot anime girls dancing in his head.
There was a smile on his face of pure glee
As he rested his mind very happily.

Then all of a sudden arose such a clatter,
He rose from his bed to see what was the matter.
Away to his window that’s two feet away,
He looked up and around and saw the anime sleigh.

With long blonde hair and bountiful breasts,
It was that sexy, young daughter of Santa Claus.
The Otaku watched her with much wonder
As he saw her tight bottom moving here and there.

She turned around and saw him there watching.
She winked at him coyly with her eyes sparkling.
Then she blew him a kiss and his new figures appeared
He was so happy now that his Otaku Christmas is here.

The young daughter of Santa Claus then left with a giggle
And the Otaku enjoyed as it made her breasts jiggle.

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