Video Game Pile Up

What you see before you are games that I have bought over the time span of 6 months. Can you guess what they all have in common. If you guessed correctly, I have not finished anyone of them. The thing is, there's a GameStop near my college. I would visit it once a week to find some hidden gems. Before I knew it, I had all these games and I was to busy to play them. Now that my vacation has started, I have all the time in the world.

Games I need to beat:
Phantasy Star 0: I'm half way done.
MadWorld: On the third level.
Persona 4: I'm half way done but I'm focusing on leveling up my Characters at the moment.
Super Robot Taisen Z: Need to start it.
Tales of the Abyss: Need to start it.
God of War 2: I'm in the beginning of the game.
Melty Blood Actress Again: Need to start it.
Mana Khemia 2: Need to start it.
Persona 3 FES: Need to start it.
Bible Black: I'm replaying it at the moment.

I decided that I won't buy a new game until I beat every game that I have. The first game that I will try to beat first will be Persona 4. Got it back in August and should have been done with it months ago. Knowing that I will get frustrated due to the grinding in P4, MadWorld will help relieve that stress. If I'm really Stressed, Bible Black will come into play. I hope that I can finish them all in less than 4 weeks.

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