2010 New Year's Resolution

Well, it's the New Year of 2010. As such, we, Otaku Dan and Kararu-chan, feel the need to post our New Year's Resolutions. So, here they are.

Otaku Dan:
1.) Become more physically active.
2.) Get a job so I won't be relying on my grants.
3.) Spend more time with my sweetheart.
4.) Make 5 million dollars.
5.) Learn how to control my spending.
6.) Ride a dolphin.

1.) Regain my independence.
2.) Get a job.
3.) Improve my art skills.
4.) Live life as happily as I can by my beloved's side.
5.) Over come my fear of spider.

That is what I'm planning to do by the end of 2010. So, what are your planning to do in 2010?

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