Anime Fandom in the Pop Culture

Last week, several American television shows had some sort of anime fandom in it. The first thing that came to mind was, "Wow. Anime finally made it big in the mainstream." After a while I thought to myself, "Maybe this is not such a good thing." Because of what was depicted as what anime fandom is, it seemed somewhat negative in a way.

On the show American Idol was a young lady who auditioned to become eligible for the rest of the competition to become American Idol. The thing is, her audition was really crappy. Plus, she would probably been blown off of the show. However, there was one thing the show focused on her and that was that she is an anime fan. The first thing that came to mind when I heard of this was, " Oh wow. She's probably an average anime fan." But when I saw it, I was in shock. This young lady was, in the nicest way I can say, a spazz. She took several cosplay costumes to the audition and said her dream was to become a famous singer in Japan. She also claimed she is an otaku. The thing is, her definition of an otaku was "An anime freak." That enraged a lot of people. A lot of people hunted her down on Facebook, Youtube, and any other social media site and they insulted her every way possible saying she is the reason why anime fans can't be taken serious.

In my own personal opinion, I despise the way she acted because people who hate anime or don't know what anime is will believe this is how all anime fans are.

A few days after the American Idol incident on the show 30 Rock there was a new episode with the subplot of a successful actor wanting to create a fake celebrity relationship with a character just to dispel a rumor that he was in love with a dakimakura. In fact he was in love with a dakimakura and he even said, "Are you familiar with Japanese moe relationships where socially disfunctional men develop deep emotional attachments to body pillows with women painted on them?" The actor even referred to his dakimakura as "Kimiko-tan". In the end of the episode the actor decides to accept himself for who he is and publicly announced that he is in love with his dakimakura.

When I saw that episode, I thought to myself, "That is pretty creepy. But, in a way it did show a great lesson on accepting yourself for who you are and that you shouldn't care about how other people judge you."

Other shows during last week also did small mentions of anime, but I'm not getting into that because it's not that big. I find it interesting that in the beginning of the week, people were angry and disappointed. However, at the end of this entire week everyone was okay and had cooled off. Hopefully in the future there will be better examples of what anime fandom really is, but for now only we can set the examples.

So, what are you thoughts on this matter?

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