Light Drawing Photography Tutorial

I have been emailed many times asking me, on the how to do light drawing that I have done in some of my figure photo shoots. Instead of replying to many emails, a post explaining it would be much simple.

You will need a tripod and small flash lights.
You will need a camera that lets you adjust the shutter speed. The slower the shutter Speed, the more time you have to draw. I usually have the shutter speed at 15 seconds. You need to be in a very dark room. The reason is that the longer the shutter is opened, the more light will come through. If your room is not dark, you will get nothing but white.

The reason you need a tripod or a stable flat surface, it is easier to do the drawing on your own. You can use any type of small flash light for drawing. The more colors you have, the more creative you can get.

Your creativity is limited by your imagination.

In this picture, I did quick flashes at different angles just to get multiple shadows.

Now give it a try and see what you come up with.

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