If you have the notice the lack of posts, it is because I'm sick. I have an infection. The other day, there was an odd man with gray skin and yellow eyes. He had a dead look on his face and for some strange reason, he was constantly saying "brains, brains". Then out of nowhere, he bites my arm and pasted out. I'm just kidding, I have an ear infection.

I always get an ear infection at least once a year. It has been like that since I was a small child and only my right ear gets infected. The pain stated a few days ago during the middle of class. I could not stand the pain anymore and I decided to leave early. As I was about to exist the room, my professor stops the lecture to ask me why I was leaving. He does this sort of thing to embarrass students who leave class early. I reply that it feels if someone is stabbing my right eye, the right side of my jaw and neck are in pain, and that my canal is burning. Everyone in the class gave him a dirt look.

On the first few days, my right ear was swollen shut. I was practically deaf in that ear. As of right now, the swelling has gone down but it still hurts. What sucks is that when I'm sleeping, I end up rolling over to the right side of my body and the pain wakes me up. I have been sleeping sitting up. In a few days, I should be back to normal.

My cure.

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