Winter 2010 Anime Season Part 1

I decided that I will try and watch the first episode of every new anime this winter season. After that, I will do a small review based off the first episode. This will be an interesting challenge for myself. I hope don't die in the end.

Chu-Bra!! is bad. The plot of this anime is simple, these a girl with an underwear fetish and she gets is wacky predicaments with her friends. There is also a ton of under age pantie shots for the whole family. I think the only type person would fully enjoy this anime is a 14 year old boy who has not watched porn yet.

Cobra The Animation was a total shocker for me. I remember back in the Summer 09 anime season, this anime was going to come out. It was canceled but for a valid reason. The studio that was making the series was also making 2 more Cobra OVA series at the same time. I was not expecting for a weekly series to come out. This anime will only appeal to those who watched the original 1982 anime series.

So-Ra-No-Wo-To is a breath of fresh air. I noticed a lot of people making fun of this anime by calling it "K-On! goes to war". The only similarity this anime has to K-On!, is the animation style and that is it. For some strange reason, this anime has a calming effect on me. The musical score is superb and I'm looking forward for when the soundtrack is released.

So, what are your opinions on these anime series?

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