Winter 2010 Anime Season Part 2

So I watched the first episode of “Ladies versus Butlers!” and it was awful.

Firstly, let’s talk about the artistry. Well, the characters are not proportionate. It looks like the artist couldn’t decide if they should be cute and small (chibi), or a little more mature with some cutesy factors. It looked like the artist mixed the two and mixing the two did not work well for this artist. The first thing I noticed was their hands. Their hands look like they should be on a chibi version of the characters. Then I paid a little closer attention to their hands and noticed they have no finger nails either. They just look like pointed, flesh colored sticks trying to be hands.

Then there is the fact that they don’t have noses unless you are shown the side profiles of their faces. At first I wondered if they can even smell. Then I saw that the side profiles of a few of them and saw their missing noses. And I noticed something else that actually amuses me. The blush on their cheeks looks more like zits. I guess they’re like me. I tend to get zits from wearing foundation and blush.They must be wearing too much make-up.

Here’s what is really awful about the anime. The amount of perversion there is in just one episode. It’s ridiculous. One theory I have is that this anime was probably supposed to be a hentai; however, they ran out of money before they drew the sex scene. My reason for that theory is because there is so much barely censored sexual activity, such as oral sex with the girl’s panties still on and also a lolicon moment that happens a few minutes before the oral sex scene. And one can’t forget the ridiculous amount of groping and the many panties on display. It also doesn’t help that one of the girls even goes so far as to take off her dress and just be in her bra and panties. I did find that there is an uncensored version of the bath scene that takes place around 18 to 19 minutes in the episode.

Now what I find both stupid an a little amusing is how the girls act when they see the main male character. The girls all act like this, “OMG! It’s a boy! We should be sexy and stupid and chase after him like we’re mad when really we’re turned on. You can tell we’re turned on because some of us have such pointy nipples that they show through our clothes. Let’s mob him like we’re mad at his perverted self!”
It’s very annoying honestly.

So, here’s my rating: 1 out of 5.


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