Winter 2010 Anime Season Part 3

I finally get to review the 2 anime series that I have been waiting for, Durarara!! and Dance in the Vampire Bund. Lets see how they turned out.

The first episode of Durarara!! was not that special because it was introducing all of the characters. Right now, the plot has not been fully developed but this anime is going supernatural. The animation is crisp, for the type of art style they're going for, it looks fantastic. I also enjoyed the small Holo and Baccano! cameos.

The first episode of Dance in the Vampire Bund was weird. For the first 17 minutes, it was a boring Japanese variety show but animated. Pretty much, there was a discussing about how vampires are not real. Out of nowhere, sh*t goes down, people panicking, and a loli vampire reveals to the world that vampires are real. My honest reaction by the end of the episode was "what the f*ck just happened?". I'm going to continue watching this anime because it was potential and a cute blond loli vampire.
I had high exceptions for these 2 series, which were met. So, what are your opinions on these anime series?

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