Winter 2010 Anime Season Part 4: Wild Card

I have a small ritual that I do every new anime season. I write down the title of the different anime series that I was not planning to watch on to stripes of paper. Then, I mix them together in a bowl and randomly pick a winner. Sometimes, I pick out a gem. Other times, I pick out trash.

This season's winner is........................

Hanamaru Kindergarten. When I first read the description to this anime, I was not happy. It sounds like Kodomo no Jikan but with kindergartners. Then I watched it and found something interesting. It's just like Kodomo no Jikan but innocent and really funny. The animation is great, as expected from Gainax. I could see myself watching this anime every week just to unwind.

Too Cute.

So, what are your thoughts on this anime?

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