Beast Master

Hajimemashite, it's Silver-chan! Time to be reviewing, Beast Master. (Disclaimer: These are my views, which Otaku Dan may or may not share. But he should!)

Beast Master Vol 1 & 2

This manga’s main story is about a normal if overzealous animal-loving girl, Yuiko Kubozuka and a not so normal looking boy, Leo Aoi. Leo Aoi looks scary with his wild eyes and glare. So no one at his new high school will go near him! There are even all sorts of rumors that he beat a bunch of thugs almost to death! Or that he lived in a dangerous place like L.A.! But Yuiko isn’t so sure he’s that dangerous. She has seen Leo’s special connection with animals. But he does have a few secrets. When ever Leo sees blood he goes berserk. Will Yuiko be able to help him during these violent moments? Or will Leo's ferocious side turn on her?

Now I rate these volumes of manga a 4 out of 5. The main story was rather good in both volumes. The art is lovely, even when showing some strange emotions, but then it was funny. All questions you have are answered, which is always nice.

I didn't like the bonus story in the first vol. I give it a 2. Even the mangaka says she wrote it some time ago. It would have been better to have an extra chapter for the main story. Now the bonus story in vol. 2 was better. I give it a 4. It was amusing, though now I know more about cactus than I think I need to.

All in all, I think both volumes are well worth what I paid for them. I will read them again and maybe let my friends borrow them. Nah, they can buy them. You should always support the mangaka. Also, I think I will see about other manga that she has written. She has a nice style, flows and they were funny.

Well, this is what I think and feel, and it's up to you if you want to read it. Ja ne'

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