I'm Back

Well, I'm back from my small break from blogging. I needed this break because my mind and body was asking for it. .

The reason why I took this break, I felt the symptoms of burning out settling in again. However this time, it was not because I was tired from blogging, it was more like I was too physically exhausted to do a thing. I have been pushing myself too hard when it comes to college. I will be honest, there have been times that I've focused so much on studying that I forget to eat or sleep.

I recently went 3 and half days straight with minimal sleep(about 4 - 5 hours ) studying for a test and getting ready for a speech. Now that I have overcome those obstacles, I'm getting back in to the flow but first, I'm going to sleep for 16 hours and catch up with about 3 weeks of anime that I have missed. I do have a figure photo shoot coming up and License This is making its comeback. Since this post is a little short, why don't you check out a few of my personal favorite posts:

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