MayFlash Arcade Stick Mod

Well, I modded the Mayflash Arcade stick that I reviewed the other day. It was a lengthy process but it was fun. This is pretty much some of the things I did.

Before I started anything, I covered the lid with electrical tape. This is for just in case if a wire becomes loose during gameplay, it won't short circuit the PCB.

What I'm placing is the big PCB for the buttons.

I'm painting the case, joystick, and dust cover. I first sand it down, so the primer can stick to it. Since I'm going to be using the arcade stick a lot, I use a special paint that is meant for cars. 2 coats of paint should be enough but I used the entire can.

came out nice.

I used a desoldering braid to remove the solder from the PCB.

I solder the new wires and used quick disconnects for the buttons. For the buttons, I had to make the holes bigger by 2 millimeters.

A wiring diagram for the buttons. Thank you, MS paint.

Final product

Special thanks to K1TSCHY. He has great a tutorials for on how to mod the mayflash arcade stick and he even made the template for my stick. I used Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons. As for the Joystick, I did not replace it because there is a wide range of choices. And I really did not know which one to pick.

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