MayFlash Arcade Stick Review

I recently acquired the MayFlash arcade fighting stick. I have been needing to get a new one for about several years. This arcade stick is meant for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PC. It is also compatible with the GameCube, Wii and Xbox 360 if you buy the special adapters. The cool thing is that I got it for $30 USD. This arcade stick sounds like it came for the heavens but its too good to be true.

I will admit, that I like the design and button layout of this stick. But that's were my love for this stick ends. The actual buttons that original come with the stick sucks. At times, they are not responsive and to get any form of response from it, I would have to press hard. I hurt my index finger due to this abomination. Also, for some strange reason the joystick would not respond with some of my games.

This thing looks so dull
In overall, this arcade stick is the worst of its kind. And I'm glad that it is because I am going to be modding it. I will be replacing the original buttons and give it a new paint job. As for the joystick, I will leave it be because I like the feel of it. I may do a pad hack as well but I'm not sure if i should do it.

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