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Hajimeashite!, I’m Shadowsofsilver, you can called me Silver-chan. I will be reviewing manga for OtakuDan, all types. Yep, that includes everything from echii to yaoi. I read everything, even though the naughty stuff makes me blush.

A little about me?
I’m a college student working hard for that degree. I’m a anime watching‘, manga reading’, cosplay lovin’ girl. I have been watching anime for several years now. My sizes are…I probably shouldn’t put that here.

Fav Anime.
Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi, Black Blood Brothers, Rosario + Vampire, Junjou Romantica, Shonen Onmyouji, Ghost Hunt, Natsume Yujin-Cho, Mushi-Shi, Devil May Cry, to name a few.

Some of the manga I love and own.
Kekkishi, XXXHolic, Bleach, Princess Princess, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Pet Shop Of Horrors, Junjou Romantica, Trinity Blood and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge.

My anime planet profile has a lot more, though I’m still not finished updating it. Bad me!. I am also on OtakuDan’s IRC chat run by marmar04 from time to time. Come and chat with us! I don’t bite…hard.

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