Woot Loot!

It has been a while since my last loot post. The reason behind that, college books are really expensive. Let me just say, with what a spent on books I could have bought a Playstation 3, two games, and a skin for the PS3 from GelaSkins. My budget was really tight for the last month and half. But now, I can breath again. Lets see what I got this month.

I bought Saint Seiya volume 28 and FullMetal Alchemist OVA. I won Pumpkin Scissor complete collection.
Not in picture because I was too lazy to take a new picture:
Old Boy volume 6, 7, and 8
DS lite charger stand
Mayflash arcade fighting stick
Figma Yuki
Genskiken 2 volume 3
A present for a very special lady of mine. I'm mentioning this because it's torture for her that she has to wait. I'm bad, really bad.

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