Kicking it Old School: Kinnikuman

Starting today I'm unveiling my new bi-weekly segment, Kicking it Old School. The idea came from seeing new and younger anime fans steering away from older anime and manga classics because they look old. Instead of ranting about new and younger fans only caring about the aesthetic and not the story, I decided to write about great older series that should be given a chance. The first series that I will be covering Kinnikuman.

Created by the manga duo of Yudetamago, Kinnikuman started as a gag manga about a superhero from another planet who fights monsters on Earth but fails to do so because he sucks at it. As the story develops, Kinnikuman decides to enter the 20th Choujin Olympics to prove to the world that he is a capable superhero. The thing is the Choujin Olympics is actually a wrestling tournament involving supermen from around the world.

I will say it that I'm glad that this series evolved into a action wrestling manga because if it continued being only a gag manga with poop and fart jokes, it would get boring fast. As for the wrestling matches, they are pretty extreme and violent. Most of the matches end in knock-Out but some do end in horrible deaths.

It was until 1983, an anime adaption was made. Unlike the manga, the violence is toned down. Below is the first opener of the series.

So, give Kinnikuman a try, even if it's the manga adaption.

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