Natsume's Book of Friends

Hajimemashite! It's Silver-chan! This time I’m reviewing, Natsume's Book of Friends. (Disclaimer: These are my views, yep, yep, and only mine.)

Natsume's Book of Friends by Yuki Midoikawa Vol 1

This manga is about Takashi Natsume. Takashi is a loner, moves from place to place within his family and has no friends. He's always been viewed as something of an odd attention seeking child, and this is mostly attributed to his random freak-outs and spastic reactions. Little do people realize that Takashi has a unique ability, a power to see spirits and demons known as Yokai. To say that Takashi has looked upon this power unfavorably would be an understatement. He soon discovers though that it's an ability that, with the proper application, has its uses.

Now I could go on and give way to much away of the story line, so I’ll stop there. Now I rate these volume of manga, a 4 out of 5. It was unusual volume though, it had chapters, but they were done as the mangaka says “Wrote each episode with the assumption that it could be the last.” So its almost a collection of one-shots with continuing main characters. Although the way the chapters are done with that thought in mind, the art is quite detailed, doesn’t feel lacking and I believe it gets better with each chapter. Its different, original (I believe though I could be wrong), and contains a nice balance between humor and drama. I'm really looking forward to the second volume, and have already preordered it.

Well, that’s all for this review, until we meet again, huggles. Ja ne’

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