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Do you remember when I review the MayFlash arcade stick? I mentioned that it was not responsive with certain games. when I finished modding, the problem was not resolved. I later found out, it was defective from the start. I spent so much money and time on this arcade stick and I was mad. My only option was buy a new one and use its parts or do a pad hack. well, if you read the title, you can guess which one I picked.

I used an old PlayStation one controller because it is easy to work with.

Since I needed a new start and select buttons, I got two 18mm Sanwa buttons. I had to enlarge two of the original holes that was on the case.

I painted the outer rim white to match the case. looks nice.

Replaced the stocked wires for the joy stick. the ones it came with sucked.
Since I'm modding the PCB, I had to solder the wires on specific places so it can get a signal. Depending on the model of the controller you use, the PCB will differ. Slagcoin has a list of PCBs from different controller models showing were you would have to solder. Red are the buttons, green is D-pad, and black is the ground. I like the Kenyan color scheme.

Finished product.
If you have any questions or help, just ask.

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