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Hajimemashite! It's Silver-chan! This time I’m reviewing, Blank Slate.
(Disclaimer: These are my views, huggles, and only my views.)

Blank Slate by Kanno Aya Vol 1

What would you do if you couldn’t remember your own past? A)Find out who you are? B)Start over as someone new (hey you might have horrible debts, you never know). C)Go on random killing sprees while doing whatever seems interesting. Well our Zen, of Blank Slate, chooses C. Zen's memory has been wiped, he doesn’t know if he was a good guy or bad, and a lot of people will do anything they can to keep it that way. So he has decided that he no longer cares; is consumed with desire to be destructive, to kill, commit atrocities and whatever else he feels like doing. Zen's charm and good looks attract people, like moths to a flame. Most, to their regret.

I would rate this manga a 2 out of 5. This manga had good points and bad points. The good- Zen is hot! (I’m shallow). Shojo Beat actually has a intense, suspenseful, violent action manga. There is good (fun for me) chemistry between the characters. The bad- The storytelling seemed rather detached. The action scenes at times seemed wooden and kinda boring. Zen needed to show some emotion. Like rage, crankiness, or something so he didn’t seem like a robot. (a Hot robot) I think that she tried but it didn’t work for me as a nice violent, evil, action manga. Now some of you might like it. But I would suggest taking a look at it first. Not doing what I did, just looking at the hot guy on the cover and then buying it.

I hope to everyone has had a good April! Ja ne’

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